Dr Gina Mancini with patient - Tanner the ToothDr. Gina Mancini is a family dentist from Jacksonville, North Carolina. She was asked to speak at one of her son’s schools during Children’s Dental Health month about four years ago. She took with her posters and teeth models to display, only to lose the children’s attention shortly after beginning. The next year she returned determined to keep their attention longer this time around. She, with the assistance of her wonderful staff, created a play based on a tooth named Tabitha and her adventures to a happy, healthy smile. Seeing children’s interest in the topic and how proud they were when making healthy decisions, Dr. Mancini realized how educational Tabitha the Tooth could be for families, both local and beyond. Thus, the Tabitha the Tooth book was born. Today, children can follow the adventures of not just Tabitha the Tooth, but also Tanner the Tooth!

The books and products have been in the making for four years and Dr. Mancini is excited about the recent release. Dr. Mancini’s approach to entertaining and educating children is one of a kind! There is not anything else available to parents and educators today that teaches children and excites them about nutritional snack choices, brushing, flossing and what to expect when visiting the dentist.

These two books, Tabitha the Tooth and Tanner the Tooth, have been published by Mascot Books and can be purchased here now or at Barnes and Noble, Books a Million, Amazon.com and other retailers. Each book is sold with a plush character, a Tabitha doll for the girls or a Tanner buddy for the boys, to help reinforce the lessons learned from the book. By placing the characters somewhere they can be found your child can be reminded of healthy dental habits.

In 2014 the books won a Creative Child Book of the Year Award. Since that time, Dr. Mancini has published interviews with Dentistry IQ (Healthy Reading for Healthy Smiles) and News and Observer Triangle (Mom to Mom interview published October 1st). She has also been featured in Dental Products Report catalog and Life and Style magazines Holiday Toy issue.

Writing these books has been an exciting experience for Dr. Mancini and she looks forward to helping parents and children enjoy their happy, healthy smiles together, from ear to ear.